Programme of Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2019

Embedded Software Engineering Kongress
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Matt Davis
Matt started his professional career in software quality assurance at IPL - a leading independent UK software and systems house. As a qualified software auditor, he worked for 5 years on multi-million pound projects from business critical telecoms to safety critical systems. Since 1996 he developed and globally marketed embedded unit and integration testing solutions for a diverse range of business safety-critical customers. He left IPL as Products Partner Manager to join QA Systems with the acquisition of the testing products business unit in 2012. In 2015 Matt was appointed Managing Director of QA Systems Ltd.
QA Systems GmbH United Kingdom
  • Vortrag Die Beschleunigung des Softwarelieferungs-Lebenszyklus Speaker Schnellere, intelligente Unit Tests in einer skalierbaren DevOps-Pipeline
    Datum: 05.12.2019 , Zeit: 10:35 | Thema: Software Engineering Management