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Guidelines: Formal Layout of Papers for Conference Proceedings

Thank you for participating in the agenda of Embedded Software Engineering Kongress. Our aim is to provide readers with high-quality, sustainable conference proceedings as a reference book during and after the event.

We have put together guidelines for the layout of your paper. Please follow these guidelines and keep the deadlines, thus helping us efficiently process your paper.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Sample manuscript (PDF) for conference proceeding abstracts

Important Deadlines

By 17 October 2021:
Final version - text (Word file) for conference proceeding (presentations only; no seminars)

Important Organizational Note

Our processes are automated. For this reason, please upload your paper for the conference proceedings directly to the presenters’ database by using the log-in.

Do not send your material by e-mail!

Formal Criteria

File Format



To guarantee consistency in layouts, please set the following parameters before you start writing:

  • A4 portrait
  • Margin between text and paper edge:
    • 2.0 cm from top
    • 3.0 cm from bottom
    • 3.0 cm left
    • 3.0 cm right
  • Layout format: Type area single column, ragged margin
  • Line spacing: multiple 1.15
  • Font for text elements:
    • Headline: Times New Roman, 16 pt bold
    • Subtitle: Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold
    • Author details: Times New Roman, 12 pt
    • Lead text: Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold
    • Continuous text: Times New Roman, 12 pt
    • Subheadings: Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, spacing before/after 12/6 pt
  • Highlighting: In italics, only where absolutely necessary
  • Formating: Please avoid any further formating in the continuous text, like
    • automatic paragraph numbering
    • indentation
    • bold, underline, colors
  • Please do not use
    • headers/footers
    • page numbering
    • logos

Images and Tables

  • Embed images and tables directly in the text (no separate graphic files)
  • Use consecutive numbering for images and tables
  • Add explanations (captions) to all images and tables
  • Font in images/graphics/tables: Arial (or other sans serif)
  • Font for image/graphics/table captions: Times New Roman 12 pt., spacing above/below 12/6 pt
  • Important note: Please indicate the source for all images/graphics!
  • Do not use dark background colors in images or tables and provide for high contrast
  • Note: Please make sure your graphics material is of high quality

Formulas, Code Examples, etc.

  • Embed those as images wherever possible
  • Recommended font: fix-width font, e.g. Courier or Courier New
  • Size: 12 pt

Content-Related Criteria

Typical Elements of the Paper

  • Headline
  • Subheading (optional)
  • Name of author(s), name of company/institute
  • Lead text: Description of problem, solution, objective of the paper (1 paragraph)
  • Main part: (approx. 10,000 characters)
    • Introduction of problem, basic conditions, background, main question
    • Theoretics and terminology in short, if required
    • Solutions, principles, coherences
    • Results, advantages and disadvantages, basic conditions
    • Examples
  • Summary: Critical appreciation, open questions, outlook, recommendations
  • Optional: Index of symbols /abbreviations
  • Optional: List of references
  • Short bio of author(s): Name, company, function, professional focus or interests etc.
  • Photo of author
  • Optional: Picture of author


Total: 7.000 to12.000 characters maximum (incl. blanks). If you wish to additionally supply more detailed or further texts, e.g. for download, please list them as references.


Please submit a high-quality paper for the conference proceeding, i.e. in a quality you would expect to see in conference proceedings yourself. No promotion, no marketing, no product presentation.


German or English


Martina Annuscheit
Phone +49 (0) 931 418-3102