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Presentation Formats - Suggestions

We appreciate your decision to participate in the ESE Kongress agenda. Just like us, you want the audience to remember your presentation positively – an essential foundation for new business opportunities.

It’s worthwhile taking the time to find ways to stand out from the many other presentations. Nice slides and interesting topics are a good means to this end. However, it takes more to leave a lasting impression.


  • Talk with the audience, not to the audience.
  • Tell stories or anecdotes from projects and talk about experiences that make your topic tangible.
  • Stage your topic as drama, thriller, detective story, comedy, science fiction etc.
  • Get the attention of the audience through tasks and questions that the audience relates to your topic.
  • Activate your audience with questions, short exercises and games.
  • Be humorous – but stay focused and serious.
  • Have a dialog, interview or discussion with another person (customer, skeptic, expert …) about your topic.
  • Ask the attendees to exchange opinions about the topic.
  • Give the attendees tasks to solve individually or in teams.
  • Offer interesting, useful and innovative information, solutions or items for the attendees to take home.
  • Perform demos that the attendees can try out themselves after the presentation.
  • Use different media, such as a flipchart, pinboard, videos etc.
  • Depending on your talent, try out different communication formats, such as acting, music, magic tricks, acrobatics …

Contact for Questions on Presentation Formats

Peter Siwon
Phone +49 (0) 173 84 23 948