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Call for Papers - Suggested Topics for Your Abstracts

We look forward to your presentations and seminars covering findings, knowlege and experience in the context of embedded software engineering.

Should you have a suggestion that is not covered in the list below, please feel free to contact us.

Presentation Basis

  • Best practice
  • Case studies
  • Research findings
  • Business models
  • Methods
  • Market surveys, trend analyses, future perspectives
  • Principles
  • Project examples
  • Processes
  • Strategies
  • Technologies
  • Tools
  • Knowledge and experience regarding people, teams, management, organization, enterprises
  • Certification
  • etc.

Topic Areas

These are suggested topics, all in relation with software engineering:

  • Design, Redesign, Refactoring:
    Architecture, design patterns, ergonomics, modeling, prototyping, usability, distributed systems, virtualization ...
  • Implementation:
    Code generation, debugging, energy optimization, GUI, HMI, migration, porting, programming, programming languages ...
  • IoT, Industry 4.0:
    Cloud, interfaces, standards ...
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intellgence:
    Algorithms, Artificial Intellgence, neuronal networks, smart mobility, smart city ...
  • Management:
    Work organization, change management, finance, license right, market surveys, obsolescence, human resources, risk management, trends, contract law, education and training, time management ...
  • Multicore:
    Architecture, performance, optimization, real-time ...
  • Open Source:
    Linux, license right, solutions, projects ...
  • Product Management:
    Remote maintenance, lifecycle management, obsolescence management, updates ...
  • Quality Assurance:
    Code analysis, verification, review, test, test automation, validation, certification ...
  • Real-Time/RTOS:
    Operating systems, real-time analysis, real-time optimization, RTOS selection ...
  • Requirements:
    Analysis, tracking, management, documentation ...
  • Safety, Security:
    Operational safety, virus and hacker protection, safety case, availability, encryption, certification ...
  • Society:
    Digitalization, ethics, sustainability, ecology, responsibility
  • Soft Skills, People, Team:
    Coaching, leadership, communication, conflict, creativity, psychology, self-organization, stress, team building ...
  • Software Engineering Management:
    Project management (agile, Kanban, Scrum etc.), configuration management, process design, variant management, version management ...

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