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ESE Kongress goes digital - what does it mean?

Why is ESE Kongress 2020 a digital event?

The 13th Embedded Software Engineering Kongress concludes a very special year which we are going to remember for a very long time. The covid crisis has put many professional and private issues to the backburner. Many congresses and trade fairs were postponed, digitalized or cancelled this year. In view of the stringent regulatory requirements, the ESE team began to realize that we would be hit as well.

However, we kept up our usual work, organizing and launching the call for papers and waiting - in our home office - for submissions to come in. After a slow start, we finally achieved the usual amount of papers - our speakers must have realized as well that a year without ESE Kongress would be a setback. Moreover, the corona crisis has made us aware of the extent to which digitalization has been spreading all over.

What does that mean? Right, even more software - and good software. With the many promising abstracts, the agenda for ESE 2020 was put together easily.

What can we expect from ESE Kongress digital?

It's not possible to simply impose a virtual framework on the renowned ESE Kongress format. Therefore, ESE 2020 will be different.

What will remain the same?

  • Our commitment to implementing a flagship event that brings industry experts together
  • Competent and motivated speakers who share their knowlege and experience
  • Well-founded, practice-oriented content - guaranteed by our advisory board
  • The passion of the ESE team to create a top-quality event
  • The scope: 5 days, 96 presentations, 3 keynotes, 15 seminars
  • Live streaming, moderation and live discussions with speakers and attendees
  • Professional exchange with speakers, tool experts, software and engineering service providers
  • Dialog and interaction
  • Download of presentation slides
  • Digital coference volume

What will we miss?

  • Talking shop, networking and brainstorming in person with attendees, exhibitors and speakers on site.
  • The on-site exhibition with fascinating live demos
  • The coffee breaks, getting together over a beer in the evenings, the traditional ESE kicker tournament
  • The annual "Hi, how are you? Great to see you again!"

What are new aspects and options of ESE digital?

  • No travelling time - no traveling expenses - corona-safe
  • Full flexibility: See or listen to presentations whenever and wherever you want.
  • 1:1 chat, contact and exchange with speakers, tool experts and service providers
  • Don't miss out on anything: All sessions will be available as video on demand for 2 weeks after the event.
  • Free special track with tips, tricks and solutions from our sponsors and event partners.
  • Virtual conference bag with information on current products, tools and services

How will ESE digital be implemented?

  • We will use a professional, user-friendly Virtual Venue platform combined with live streaming and video-on-demand.
  • Browser-based - no need for software downloads
  • The structure and didactics of the event were adjusted to the digital format.
  • Streaming infrastructure optimized for video and audio

Bottom line

Develop ideas - find solutions - meet experts: We stay true to our event slogan even in a virtual environment. Look forward to attending a digital ESE Kongress that is as cool and inspring as its face-to-face format. We look forward to seeing you at ESE 2020 digital!

Please don't hesitate to contact the ESE Team with your questions or feedback.