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Registration & Prices

Before starting the registration process, please take note of the "information regarding registration" underneath the price table.

Whether you register a single person or a group of persons - the price is based on the total number of days booked with one order:

Number of days Price per day
(in €)
Price total
(in €)
Early Bird
special price
(in €)*
1 530 530 480
2 450 900 820
3 400 1.200 1.095
4 390 1.560 1.420
5 380 1.900 1.725
6 370 2.220 2.010
7 370 2.590 2.345
8 370 2.960 2.680
9 370 3.330 3.015
10 370 3.700 3.350
11 370 4.070 3.685
12 360 4.320 3.900
13 360 4.680 4.225
14 360 5.040 4.550
15 360 5.400 4.875
16 360 5.760 5.200
17 360 6.120 5.525
18 and more 350   310
Universities 290   260

* for registration by 4 Nov. 2019

All prices are net plus VAT and include congress documentation, event catering, coffee breaks and evening event(s) for the day(s) you have booked. 
Registration is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESE Kongress.

Important Information regarding Registration

  • You can register individual persons or a group of persons.
  • Only one invoice will be issued per group registration.
  • Indicate an invoice address if different from the attendee resp. for every group registration.
  • Indicate your order number if required for your internal ordering process.

    If your internal order number is mandatory for invoicing, please submit your booking only if this order number is already available.
    If the invoice has to be reissued due to missing or incorrect information from your side, a processing fee of 100.- EUR will be charged. (see item 4, Terms and Conditions).

  • The following information is required for each participant: days of attendance, seminars (MON&FRI), presentation tracks (TUE-THU) as well as evening event(s).
  • Your selection of days and seminars (seminars on MON&FRI) is binding; any other information helps us organize the event as efficiently as possible.
    You may change between presentation tracks at any time (TUE-THU).
  • Subsequent booking of additional day(s) for a participant who was already booked and thus invoiced will result in a new, additional invoice being issued for the additional day(s).
  • After submission of your registration, the system will send an e-mail with a download link to the booking confirmation and invoice.
    The confirmation and the invoice are available for download in electronic format only and will not be forwarded by e-mail or regular mail.
  • If our invoice has to be changed and reissued due to incorrect information given in your order or due to booking changes, a processing fee of 100.- EUR will be charged.
  • Registration is subject to the Terms and Conditions for ESE Kongress.

Price Calculation

Simply add up all days of the participant or the group of participants to determine the price from the table above.

Example - one participant:: If you book 5 days, the total price is 1,900 €. If you book before 4 Nov., you will benefit from special early bird rates. Thus, the total price is only 1,725 €.

Example - group: If you book 4 days for yourself and 3 days for your colleague, this amounts to 7 congress days. The total price is 2,590 €, respectively 2,345 € if you register before 31 October.

How to Register

Simply follow the process throughout the Online Registration.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Silke Bluhm or Jennifer Loew: 
Phone +49 (0) 89 450617-71, or send a mail to

Silke Bluhm / Jennifer Loew
Phone +49 (0) 89 450617-71